So many people dream of getting bigger muscles but the problem is actually not knowing how to start and what to do. It happens that there are certain ways for one person and a different way for another in terms of what to do. With the variations come certain similarities in terms of the methods and ways. Read below and find out more about these:


1. Check on the calories you intake. A person going through muscle building must be equipped with a lot of energy to endure long and even painful training sessions. Calories are the biggest sources of energy. Many people are trying to cut back on this to lose weight but not in the same way, as when gaining muscles - you need to take in more. This doesn't give the individual though, the permission to eat anything and with the biggest servings - it doesn't work that way. Get to know your body needs and requirements and from there, add at least 200 more calories to that. There are numerous online calculators available that can help you find out about this. You got to learn how to build more muscle mass!

2. Besides the calorie intake, "macro-nutrient" intake should also be checked and monitored. This refers to the right kinds of calories that are sourced from the following: fats, carbohydrates and protein. Macro-nutrients for short. Without these in the systems of the body, there is no way that an individual can survive and complete the training sessions and exercises. According to general standards, the required protein intake in the body is said to be 1.5 grams for every pound in the body weight - but it's still a case per case basis.

3. Have an effective and proper workout exercise like what you can learn from that focuses on muscle gain and not strength and power. The reason for this is that there is said to be a difference between power lifting and body building. You may know of power lifters and the core of their training is on the power and strength they develop through lifting weights.


And so between the two, body building training and sessions must be done regularly to achieve the right results.  The key to gaining muscle mass is the number of repetitions - the more repetitions there are, the more mass you gain. With that, do not lift a 150 pound weight if you can only do three reps on it - the goal is to have more number of reps so try to work on a lighter weight then. The best number of reps are said to range between eight to ten. Read more about bodybuilding at